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Project Openajet

I just want to share my project which also uses NanoDLP

In 2014 I was interested to develop own MIDI controller for music productions.

The Midi controller should contain interchangeable and freely puttable elements.
I was sure to build a prototype of the MIDI-Board I would need 3D printer.
The printer should be above all one, high-resolution.
It was an other requirement that his building area would have at least a size from 250x250mm.
And to good one last he should be still favorable.

Each of you might know that there was not such a printer.
In any case, no printer which would do justice to all demands.

Quick it was clear that I would have to develop this printer myself. Aim was to be able to offer a professional printer for less than 500$.

After long development time and numerous invested hours, different prototypes he was born, the AJET ONE.
Now there he stood Printing for me!

Now I added up how much a serial production would cost, immediately it became clear to me that the aim of maximum 500$ can be never achieved.

I decided to develop a professional version of the AJET, the AJET Per. Because this will cost, however, far more than 500$, I have resolved to publish the plans for the AJET ONE free of charge.
It was an aim that nearly everybody can afford the AJET and now this becomes true.
I hope that together with the community wonderful project originates.

The Project ist called openajet now and the link is

We selected NanoDLP due to the extreme good development work!! verry nice firmware shahin!


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