NanoDLP is the web interface and slicer software for your SLA, LCD and DLP 3D printers that allows you to monitor and control your 3D printers.

Supports Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and Mac

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NanoDLP Controller Board Released

With the new board you can easily upgrade your existing 3D printer with help of NanoDLP or make new 3D printers. It is easy to use and help you use many advanced NanoDLP features.

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NanoDLP is an LCD / SLA / SLS 3D printer software that has made us one step closer to "Click N' Print" goal. It slices and controls all of the functionalities of your printer and you can simply run it on a Raspberry Pi or any desktop system. (Windows, Mac or Linux)

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NanoSupport is a 3D Editor for orientation, support generation and preparation of the objects for 3D printing. It can automatically detect and communicate with NanoDLP controller inside your private network.

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NanoDLP Controller Board

NanoDLP controller board simplifies the LCD / SLA 3D printer setup by providing all of the required hardware functionalities on a single board. Together with Raspberry Pi, it can be used as an upgrade kit for many 3D printers in the market.

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NanoDLP Analytic Dashboard

NanoDLP Analytic Dashboard

A major blind spot on resin 3D printing is lack of measurement tools for 3D manufacturers, resin producers and 3D printing enthusiasts. The new tool available to monitor both internal data and external sensors. It make it easy to correlate data from multiple sources.

Monochrome LCD Screens for 3D Printers

It is a masking screen (Monochrome) which nowadays has been widely used in the resin printing industry. But why? Printer Frankly, there are dozens of reasons which are appurtenant to the printer itself. By using Monochrome LCD screens, a printer can use much less energy than the normal RGB ones although there is no need […]

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NanoDLP 3D Anti-Aliasing Support

NanoDLP 3D Anti-Aliasing Support

It is a technique to smooth those lines which look like the stair steps. Applying this effect will attenuate the lineament of jaggies. What is/are the reason(s) to use it? Jagged edges occur due to undersampling. The cause of undersampling is because of having low resolution of the printer or loss of information in the […]