NanoDLP Download

You can install NanoDLP on wide range of platforms/OSes including Raspbery Pi, Windows, Mac or Linux Desktop.

Platform/OS SupportRaspberry PiWindows (32bit & 64bit)Linux 64bit DesktopmacOSLinux on 32bit & 64bit ARM
Desktop Env. Not Required
High Reliability
Slice Large Files Quickly
Pulse generation
Nextion BasicNX3224T024_011R2.4”320*240Available
Nextion BasicNX3224T028_011R2.8”320*240Available
Nextion BasicNX4024T032_011R3.2”400*240Available
Nextion BasicNX4832T035_011R3.5”480*320Available
Nextion BasicNX4827T043_011R4.3”480*272Available
Nextion BasicNX8048T050_011R5.0”800*480Available
Nextion BasicNX8048T070_011R7.0”800*480Available
Nextion EnhancedNX3224K024_011R2.4”320*240Available
Nextion EnhancedNX3224K028_011R2.8”320*240Available
Nextion EnhancedNX4024K032_011R3.2”400*240Available
Nextion EnhancedNX4832K035_011R3.5”480*320Available
Nextion EnhancedNX4827K043_011R4.3”480*272Available
Nextion EnhancedNX8048K050_011R5.0”800*480Available
Nextion EnhancedNX8048K0707.0”800*480Available
Nextion EnhancedNX8048K070_011R & NX8048K070_011C7.0”800*480Available

Raspberry Pi is the prefered platform. Feel free to ask for new platform/OS support.

NanoDLP Terms of Use

THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Please, refer to the bundled license file for more details.

If you are an end user:

  • You can use NanoDLP free of charge.
  • You can customize the program and its resources.

If you are a manufacturer:

  • You can distribute NanoDLP with your printer free of charge.
  • You can customize the static resources of the program.
  • If you need us to add your customization to Nanodlp or host it, paid license is required.

Installing NanoDLP on Raspberry Pi

  • NanoDLP is only compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3
  • You need microSD card 2GB or larger and a card reader
  • Beside steps below you can follow guide for Muve3D for more details on installation.
Installing NanoDLP on Raspberry Pi
Simple Installating on Raspberry Pi

Simple Installating on Raspberry Pi

  1. Download NanoDLP SD card image file.
  2. Restore SD card image (Guides: Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  3. Put microSD card into Raspberry Pi and turn it on.
Advanced Installation on Raspberry Pi

Advanced Installation on Raspberry Pi

  • To open NanoDLP interface through browser you need to find out IP address by using one of the methods below:
    • Use NanoDLP finder tool to find NanoDLP currently active on your network.
    • Visit online dashboard to see online NanoDLP printers in your network
    • Make Raspberry Pi IP static through your router.
    • Use your OS local network area panel
  • Do you need help? Visit our forum.

Windows / Linux / Mac Desktop Versions

If you do not have Raspberry Pi or prefer your Windows, Linux or Mac computers. You can try versions below.

Additionally you could use these versions as desktop slicer.

 How to Use

How to Use

  • Download appropriate file from the list on the left.
  • Extract ZIP file.
  • The program is fully portable. You only need to run binary file. Make sure you are running binary from the same folder.
  • If you have issue running from file manager, from terminal go to the program's folder and run it from there.
  • Start using NanoDLP by opening link on your favorite browser.