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What Resins do you use, where do you buy, what is the cost?

I am new to DLP/SLA basically resin to me about FDM and deltabots and I am good but resin printing is a little different.

So I am used to buying filament not resin...I am assuming based on ML/CC numbers that resin printers us a bit more material than typical
FFF style printers and the cost of resin is much higher than some of the decent filament.

So What resins do you buy, where do you buy them and what kind of prices are you getting...

A little looking and it seems something like $75 / kg seems to be at the lower end and it goes up insanely High.

I am building a very generic UV LED / LCD style printer and I am looking for a cheap resin, nothing fancy just something that is
workable so I can refine the printer and practice my printing skills....once I have everything figured out I can pay a bit more for higher quality or special
purpose resins...So far my only knowledge is with FTD and MakerJuice and that is mostly from friends and online reading.  Are there some other
cheaper sources or maybe group or bulk buys or something...

I am maybe too used to paying $20 for 2kg of filament but right now Resin seems like the most expensive part of this type of printing.



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Re: What Resins do you use, where do you buy, what is the cost?

I typically Makerjuice G+, not least of which because it is often available on Amazon and a lot of the mUVe3D users seem to be using it.


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