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#1 2022-07-29 17:30:59

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Commands don't match between Resin Profile and Plates View

Hi Shahin,
There is an issue on 6025 version.

On the resin profile if I view the commands and results for before layer I see the correct math. But if I then slice with this saved profile, the result in the plates view is incorrect. (Looks like the actual slicing for the math in the programming/ slicing is incorrect).

For example: Slice height 50um in resin profile, the dropdown calculator in the profile has correct info. If this profile is then used to slice a plate, all layer heights are 100um including position etc.

It appears as though on the actual calculation burn-in layers are used - but in the drop-down on the resin profile page for an equation, this is not used. Can you update so both pages are in agreement, or make a notation that burn-in layers are not included on that page.?


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