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#1 2022-07-06 02:52:58

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Install nanoDLP on Bullseye with Raspberry Pi Desktop

Its time for a fresh install and I am wondering:

Can I install Bullseye with Raspberry Pi Desktop?
I should mention, I only want to have one HDMI connection, from Pi to projector


- Boot in CLI to use nanoDLP,
- Boot in a desktop environment (with VNC) to easily be able to make tweaks etc.

Does it worth trying it? Or I will bump into problems?

Also, I should stick with 32bit, or can go with 64bit OS?


#2 2022-07-07 13:34:50

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Re: Install nanoDLP on Bullseye with Raspberry Pi Desktop

64Bit arm build is available but not for pi. ARM64 will works on pi but without some capabilities.

Desktop environment is not suggested for nanodlp. But outside of slight problems I do not expect difficulty doing so.


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