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Marlin Flashing to Arduino

I'm a bit stuck here, hopefully someone can help me find an answer to where this file has migrated to - OR - is this archive needed for Nano?


I get a 404 error. Searching on git, there is no real indication of where this may have been moved to or if it still exists.

Background to help others get through this faster:
1. Arduino IDE was the way I used to do this, but Arduino now makes a file name too long and generates an error code.
2. I suggest using VSCode: (pick your flavor machine)
3. DL two apps in this order:
***NOTE: It is very important you wait for them to load and complete before closing windows or moving installing the next app. If you get an error message about Platform IO, follow the instructions. You will need to add a file in the root dir of the laptop you are installing on to. This can be tricky with permissions.

3a. Platform IO IDE
3b. Marlin loader
4. Compile program for upload by clicking on Marlin tab, selecting MEGA (or your board), and hit the hammer (build)

This is where I am stuck, on the nanodlp build it calls for the archive of TMC stepper drivers, but they seem to have migrated or been moved from the website it dials to. Any suggestions on where to find this archive?

If others are trying this on other machines, I recommend this youtube video on how to:


I have written to TMC in hopes they will instruct me. If so I will update this post.

I needed to upgrade to Marlin 2.xx
Shahin graciously sent the nanodlp link in git.
Arduino IDE


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