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#1 2021-11-11 23:05:34

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more Pixel dimming problems

The problem I'm having is that when I have a global mask applied then pixel dimming isn't being applied. If I set up the resin profile to ignore the global mask then pixel dimming is applied.

I need both features on the same layer.




#2 2021-11-12 07:10:58

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Re: more Pixel dimming problems

Pixel dimming works on full white pixels. So when mask applied it is not white anymore. We may be able to reverse it, first apply dimming then mask but not sure if it is ideal for all scenarios.


#3 2022-03-08 16:06:04

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Re: more Pixel dimming problems

Shahin and all, perhaps this problem is in the same manner as above-

In the current software stable version (5672), is the order of operations for slicing: (1) dim images, then (2) apply the mask? For projector based DLP I believe both of these are needed. Depending on the LED array it may not be as needed for the LCD style printers.

I ask because the older version of software I used: (37xx) had images that seemed to have the correct dimming with the mask applied to each layer. The new slicing with dimming software has definite watermarks on both sides of the layers on any which are past the burn-in layers. i expect this is because burn in has no grey dimming. This was never experienced with previous versions and this is probably an algo application. Here is what I have tried:
1. regenerate
2. regenerate with different slicing profile
3. import new model
4. mesh repair and regenerate
5. no dimming with mask on  = ok (mask applied to each layer and no watermarks)
6. ignore mask, dimming at 10-90% dimming = ok (dimming at percentage, and no water marks)

1. Am I incorrect, and in the previous software it was one or the other (mask/dimming) that was applied to the layers past burn-in?
2. What did the old slicer do and can we re-install the algo for that to our software? (I didn't get water-marks on the old resin profiles)



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