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micro stepping jumpers … -end-limit

there we have grid of 3x4. If we use jumpers only horizontally it is a grid of 2x4. If you look the description of pins, the labeling of the pins don't make any sense. As a default, the controller board comes with the jumpers set as follow: gnd-gnd, and gnd-vcc_io. WTF? And the 2 jumpers would refer to 2 different mcrostepping settings, 8 and 64.

I have been working a lot with these things albeit not being an electronics engineer but to me this looks very confusing.

How can I drop the amount of REAL MOVEMENT into 2,5 of the movement happening now? I want to get my 5mm pitch ball screw moving the right amounts. Honestly my marriage and family start to brake up with my anger out of this mess.

(non-existing)God help us


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