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#1 2020-12-17 15:14:22

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Backup Restore issue on basic installs (build 4199)

Upgrading my Rpi2 to a Rpi3

Clean install on Rpi3

Generating 2 backups files on my Rpi2
- Export machine settings
- Backup plates and settings

Importing them on my Rpi3
- Machine settings import without error

plates however:
Error    0    2020-12-17 15:01:31.071195    Printer    Extract issue Problem openning individual file on disk - open public/plates/0/1.png: no such file or directory - public/plates/0/1.png

Now I might have deleted jobs and moved stuff during the life of the Rpi2 (abeit minimally as I only tested my machine settings to see if it was moving) but the backup was freshly made and is not restoring on the same build version.  Not a showstopper since I have both opened and will retype everything, but...




#2 2020-12-17 17:53:18

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Re: Backup Restore issue on basic installs (build 4199)

Technically it is fine to receive this error but please use new send debug from tools page, so I could check why it happens after restore.


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