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#1 2020-07-22 20:49:53

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A couple things I would like to see...

I would like an option to disable/enable remote slicing on the Edit Plate screen...maybe under advanced.
This is something I do alot turning on and off the remote slicer due to having different beta versions running in different places.
I would actually prefer some easy to access global check box maybe on the plate screen...but while convenient might be an odd place for some people.
Even an enable/disable in the setup would be better that changing the IP on and off....Really this is only a beta user issue...

Less of a beta I would like Burnin Erode overide in the edit plate screen too...this would allow fewer resin profiles...
My thinking here is Generally Profiles can have numbers but the plate can override features that are not appropriate for that specific plate.
This seems to be how it is already done for thing like rotation LQ layers etc and makes sense...some things are more determined by the model than the resin.
This applies somewhat to Dimming and Dimming layer skip as well...I find this would be nice when I move from supported to flat on the plate variations of the same model.
Also aliasing while the setup for it belongs in the resin profile it would be handy to have a way to turn it off for some models.

I can see where I am going....

I think the Resin Profile should be just that and should define the basic properties to be used on a plate but then individual models need to
be able to overide certain settings....trick is to decide which setting it makes sense to should be a smallish subset....
This all comes back to having to have too many resin profiles for each material to accommodate all the wonderful features of NanoDLP.
Obviously if a user has to keep over riding things on the plate then a new profile might be reasonable but what I have found is
I generate a master profile then clone is to enable or disable things then I have to be sure to pick what I think is the right one when assigning to a plate...generally
the right one depends on a few oddites of the model...supported or not, thin walls or columns, large blocky features vs fine detail or very precise sizing etc.


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Re: A couple things I would like to see...

With new category based profile page, we may have couple of categories too and add more options to override settings. But I think it may excessive for lots of users.


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