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Custom Printer RAMPS questions.

Hello everyone, I am building a custom dlp printer with a projector and I wanted to make sure I had a better understanding on how to get RAMPS working with nano dlp. I was looking to get a ramps 1.5/1.6 board with an arduino mega and I already have a raspberry PI 3. Are there any pit falls I should know about? what RAMP software is most reliable to set up? How do you get the RAMPS board and raspberry pi communicating? I don't know python coding is this a problem? This is the most ambitious project I've attempted so far thanks for any advice you can give!


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Re: Custom Printer RAMPS questions.

Basic idea....

Nano controls RAMPS board via G-Code....learning just a bit of that would be helpful...just google it and you will find what you need..pretty simple.
I like Repetier for the RAMPS control software.
Nano can talk to RAMPS board/firmware via serial/USB interface....
Usually I would use a computer to compile and place Repetier on the RAMPS board via USB

I would install Raspian on Pi Flash card from PC
connect display, KB and mouse and network cable to on Pi..power up and it should boot up like a computer.
Next install Nano application from Nano Download site following directions there.

log into Nano via web interface from a computer...
then Connect the Pi to the RAMPS board, via usb.
lastly configure nano with the G-Code to control your RAMPS board and move Z axis and open shutter etc

obviously you need to connect RAMPS to hardware of printer to run stepper etc....
I prefer RAMPS to control all only connection to PI is the screen/DLP and USB cable to RAMPS...

there are other ways to go with controls (like using Pi ton troll UV/Shutter instead of going thru RAMPS) etc but that is one basic setup.

For me building the mechanicals my FDM was harder than the electronics/software setup etc, So I ended up buying that for my RESIN machine.

Good Luck on the project....


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Re: Custom Printer RAMPS questions.

I would recommend Marlin 1.9 firmware for use with a ramps board.

First set up your ramps boards with your hardware and "talk" to it with pronterface

That way you can be sure your ramps board is working before you even start to integrate NanoDLP/Raspi

As of Marlin 1.8 there's a setting for NanoDLP included in the basic config files. It just needs enabling
This allows your Ramps board to send back information to NanoDLP

Previously you had 2 options . Either program delays into Nano DLP ( when NanoDLP issues a command you'd need a waiting time while , for example, the actual Z move was completed)
or download and install a version of Marlin that was "hacked/ edited" to provide feed back. This could be tricky to set up but once done worked very well.
With 1.8 or 1.9 you can edit the firmware config so it sends back info to NanoDLP

If you need anymore help just ask



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