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Python G-Code Extra Motor Help

Hello Everyone,

The problem that I am having today is that our Z-motor does not move at all using NanoDLP but using pronterface works perfect.

I believe that there is some setting wrong with how NanoDLP sets up the motor in the machine settings or plate settings.

And with the project that we are doing for our Senior Design project we need to have functionality of our X, Y and Z motors.

Reason being is that we have two resin baths attached to a linear actuator in on the Y-axis to separate from the display so it doesn't scratch it and then that is connected to a X-axis linear actuator to move the baths back and forth.

The best idea we have come up with is to make a python script that will control our motors to our needs and then flash the images from the plates folder that it resides in.

I am having no luck finding resources on how to send the g-code to the marlin through a python script or how to communicate through HDMI to send the .png images.

If anyone can help sending me resources or any previous scripts they have used in communicating with the motors or through HDMI that would be amazing.

The plan is to call the exec[python] in before print g-code and let that do all the work.

Thank You!


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