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Ramps (& compatible control board) Marlin 1.9 for NanoDLP

I've been helping a forum member out setting up his firmware on a ramps compatible control board and thought i'd share what worked for me >>>

Its actually a lot easier nowadays with Marlin 1.8 onwards that has support for NanoDLP

The original issue was there was no feedback from the controller board ( firmware) that a specific action had taken place. Therefor you had to program delays into NanoDLP to allow time for certain things to happen Like:- lift printhead up & wait for 3 seconds, lower printhead & wait 1 second then turn on UV source ( or projector) for 8 seconds etc etc
So a few years back somebody modified Marlin so send serial info back to the Raspi ( NanoDLP)
and this made life easy and saved all the time wasted waiting for actions to complete.

So configuring Marlin 1.9 for NanoDLP is easy.
Step 1 Set up the firmware like you would for an FDM printer
1a Check endstops are working correctly
1b Check stepper motor direction and  steps/mm
1c  In config.h set thermistor type to 998  which means it will always read 25degC  ( this isnt absolutely necessary but avoids issue with thermal runaway etc )
1d Typically a UV lamp gets attached to the PWM fan output. So check M106 S255 turns it on and M107 turns it off
1e Check any other functions you may have attached to the ramps ( PSU enable etc )

So when you have the above all confirmed working open the firmware in Arduino IDE andgo to
configuration_adv.h   tab
Scroll down to the bottom and youll find 'Nano DLP Sync support"
Uncomment   #define NANODLP_Z_SYNC

And thats it   Marlin will now "tell" NanoDLP when it completes an action

The G code control in NanoDLP comes from 2 main areas :- The machine settings page and the resin profile page
You can also create custom onscreen buttons in NanoDLP that execute custom G-code

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Re: Ramps (& compatible control board) Marlin 1.9 for NanoDLP

Is there a tutorial help for 2.0.5? I upgraded to the nanodlp marlin for my mUVe, which has a dual z motor and rails. I had it working on the old Marlin V1, but the new version does not work. I confirmed eeprom settings, and that the active motor (z) can be switched to either lead screw and works fine. The problem is the E0 motor is no longer triggered to move with the Z1. I am happy to post configuration.h and configuration_adv.h to help solve the issue. I am sure it is my fault and a simple code error somewhere...


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