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#1 2019-04-30 19:13:28

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Application Log - Whats new

I like to see the application log all the time, it keeps me tranquil smile
Can we revert to old behavior pls? or give it a page to live on its own?

What's new feature on the home page is very useful but I would prefer if it would be hidden until clicked, especially since it's not updated very often.

Whats new beta and whats new stable need a separate space, it's very confusing right now.

nanoDLP is maturing so nicely !


#2 2019-05-01 05:00:39

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Re: Application Log - Whats new

It is pretty large under taking but I have plan to rewrite upgrade and versions features, so we could display more useful things on dashboard.
Right now it is not that useful but I believe empty are will be uglier big_smile


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