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Z-Axis movement not as expected in direct control.

I converted a Wanhao D7 to use NanoDLP in direct control.  However, I'm running into a few problems:

  • The printer starts up by homing the Z-axis to the top and then moving to a "Stop Position" most of the way down the axis.  I'm not sure what this is; I would've expected the carriage to sit at the top of the printer until commanded otherwise.

  • The printer does not home to the bottom at the start of a print.  I set the Z-axis using the "Measure Z-Axis Length" button, but the printer tries to move the Z-axis too far down for the first layer and stops when the limit is tripped.  I guess this isn't that much of a problem because I'm starting the print off of the bottom limit switch, but it is still weird.

  • If I start a print, everything works fine for the first few layer, except that the printer backs off correctly then tries to move ~200 mm below the build plate.  This causes it to hit the bottom limit switch again.

I tried a variety of Machine Settings and using different code in the Resin Profile for before and after each layer (saving the position).  I couldn't find a lot of information on what, if anything should be in the Resin Profile for direct control and what the key settings are in the Machine Settings.  As far as I can tell, everything is wired correctly and the motor moves in the correct direction.  Any help would be much appreciated!


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Re: Z-Axis movement not as expected in direct control.

1. Maybe direction should be reversed. There is a wiki on D7 and nanodlp.
2. Same as 1
3. Check jump layer value.


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