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Motor and microsteps problem with NanoDLP Shield v 1.1.

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forum and I have some questions about the Shield v 1.1. .
I recently started building a 3D printer using RPi 3 B and Shield v 1.1. and I found some problems in setting the microsteps and pins M0 - M1 and M2 for a NEMA 17 motor.
The Shield v 1.1. has a DRV8825 driver.
The values entered within NanoDLP are the following:
- Max speed: 3000
- Min speed: 1000
- Motor startup speed: 100
- Motor step angle: 1.8 °
- Microsteps: 16
- Leadscrew pitch: 3
- Z-axis: 3000

While as regards the connections of M0 - M1 - M2 and Vref are the following:
Vref: 0.085

With these values the motor turns in the right direction and respects the limit switch, but when it works and when it remains stationary it makes a buzz and does not have enough torque. Someone can help me to correctly set the microsteps inside NanoDLP and the correct setting of the M0 - M1 and M2 pins. Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Motor and microsteps problem with NanoDLP Shield v 1.1.

You are sending microsteps to the driver.. But you have the driver configured for single steps. Thus you hear a buzz as all the steps get missed by the controller..

For the DRV8825. See the pololu website.

MODE0     MODE1     MODE2     Microstep Resolution
Low     Low     Low     Full step
High     Low     Low     Half step
Low     High     Low     1/4 step
High     High     Low     1/8 step
Low     Low     High     1/16 step
High     Low     High     1/32 step
Low     High     High     1/32 step
High     High     High     1/32 step

You need to have MS2 HIGH to get 16 stepping like you are telling Nanodlp you want.

Also. Check you lead screw pitch is 3MM. Typical is 8MM.




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Re: Motor and microsteps problem with NanoDLP Shield v 1.1.

Hi Mo, Thanks a lot for the clarifications.

So, if I understand correctly, positioning the MS2 at HIGH level and leaving the value of the 16 microsteps unchanged, the motor should have no problems and run without making noise, right ?!
As for the pitch of the screw, I was wrong to write, the value is 8MM.

Thank you again



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