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behavior of the Z calibration - and the Current Position


I have some questions regarding the behavior of the Z calibration:

If the Zero-Position is at the Limit switch on top, why is the End-Level on Bottom   
why does the end position at the ground have a positive value (example 150mm) and no negative value (example -150mm) as in the coordinate system ?

What shows the Value "Current Height" ? Folowing tests i made:

Switch power on the printer - the platform moves to the top position and then 10mm downwards.
Now the Current Position shows 10mm.

If I now press the switch 10mm down, the display suddenly jumps to 0mm.
(I think that's the sum of 10mm Current Position and the -10mm going down).

When the movement is complete and I update the web browser, Current Value returns 10mm although the current position of the platform is 20mm.

this behaviour causes the values Current Position and Actual Position of the platform to drift further and further apart with each movement

is this behavior as designed, or is there a software error or configuration error ?



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Re: behavior of the Z calibration - and the Current Position

Display part is one step behind, we should improve it.

Behavior shaped by the way nanodlp developed. It first developed as personal project for top down / direct drive printer. So for easier troubleshooting when it touches limit, it should be height zeroed as it was easier to understand.


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