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slicing problem with rev 2065

[Problem seems to have solved idea why]

I am using remote slicer linux version 2067, with Rpi version 2065.

I have a model that I have sliced and re-sliced many times both locally and with the remote slicer.
Same model just I change profile and re-slice.

I usually slice at 0.05 but decided to try to speed things up using 0.1 layers
Same basic profile that worked with 0.50 just changed layer thickness and cure times.

Slicing local slicer it works but using the remote (and I have restarted it just to be sure) it  seems to work and reports
the full number of layers sliced on it's log, but the Plate verification fails and the plate is marked as corrupted.

No hollowing or dimming going on, just a pretty basic profile.

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