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Add a removal pad...

Another feature I have been playing with is a way to get my unsupported prints off the bed.

These prints have large first layers which are burned in and as a result they are hard to remove.

Once they get started they come free okay but I have damaged many getting them started.

(If you have time putting the build plate with the print in the freezer actually works well to get them free but you get
condensation you have to clean up and you need a freezer and you have to wait 30-60 minutes)

what I have been doing is placing a small disk or pad on the edge (usually a corner) of the print which is printed 1 of layer
above the model first layer and is pretty thin but sticks out past the edge of the serves as a sacrificial part that lets
be get my pry tool under and started and helps lift the part off....

There are a couple ways this might be added...similar to how manual supports are done.
I am not sure of the ideal thickness or shape yet...maybe making it thicker but connected by a thinner snap zone very close the
the model might work......or maybe making it higher off the bed on some short (<1mm) easy to break supports.
The trick is it must be strong enough to get the model to start lifting but not so bulky it is hard to remove later.

Thanks for all the work on nanoDLP.... now nanoSupport on LINUX!!!


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Re: Add a removal pad...

Thank you for the suggestion. Will add to our backlog. Currently we have couple of heavy features on auto support and auto orientation front so it could take time to implement this one.


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