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#1 2019-03-08 22:08:45

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Is there a way to offset the Zero point?

Maybe this already exists and I missed it..I think I could probably do it by adding a constant in my G-Code,
but I would like a Zero offset value I could enter in the machine setup...

I am testing some mechanical modifications to my Printer that result in the zero position changing by
small is hard to keep things consistent for testing if I have to re-zero all the time.
Since I know precisely how much I need to offset, what I would like is a way to tell the software that my
hard zero point is some fixed distance above or below where it is currently set....similar to a feature seen in many
FDM printers.

I envision this as a simple positive or negative number in the machine setup that is added to the motion
control whenever the position is changed...if the printer is directed to ZERO it should really send the
command to go to Z 0 + offset...this could really I think be ignored in most places and the printer
could act and display and calculate just like does currently (so a .05mm layer would be shown as printing at .05)
but whenever the actual motion Gcode or direct control commands are sent it would really move to .05+offset



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