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#1 2019-02-27 23:28:14

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Hatching failure.....

I recently did a print of a larger piece with the hex type infill...

Thanks all the recent work that has gone into it.

However my print turned out a bit odd with what I would call 'soft places' in it...places were things were not
quite closed up or pulled away.  I decided this might be due in part to too wide of spaces in the hex or maybe walls that were
too thin.  So I went back and added some wall thickness and reduced the hex pattern size.

However when I looked back at the layers I see many have purple areas in them....starting on layer 425.
Something I read once makes me think that this purple area is somehow related to the hatching process and it is would be replaced.
I waited hours but it never happened....and since I am using a remote slicer I kinda figured once the plates were transferred back to
the Pi they would be complete anyway.

I re-sliced and this time watched the log on the remote slicer....for some reason it stopped hatching at layer 446 (oddly not 425ish) out of 800 and sent
the file back to the Pi.  This seems odd.  I sadly didn't keep the original layers to examine from the 'soft' print but I am suspecting that maybe
they were similar with the purple area being under exposed or maybe it was really just too thin, but I don't think the purple is supposed to remain
on the layer....and yes I did a couple of page refreshes to be sure it was not a caching problem or something.

Attempt to slice internally on the RPi by removing the IP for the remote slicer strangely did not prevent it from trying to remote slice.
So I rebooted the RPi....This time the remote slicer was not used and the slicing proceeded on the RPi
unfortunately the web interface stopped responding after many GC attempts and 95% memory utilization at about layer 122...hatching layer 48.
Unlike some past crashes the RPi continues to respond to pings, so I will give it some time to see if maybe the app is just
unresponsive and will eventually finish or recover.

I am using build 2045 on the RPi and 2047 on the Linux remote slicer.


#2 2019-02-28 06:03:15

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Re: Hatching failure.....

Please, share STL and profile. It probably crashes. I will rewrite part of infill in order to improve stability and memory usage.


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Re: Hatching failure.....

email with files and comments sent...


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