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Control UV LED power on PWM

I am trying to implement PWM Control of LED Power through GPIO18 (Pin 12)

I have a 750W UV LED Array which i control by with two SSRs. One is to cut AC power from the 1000W PSU Which enables before print. The other one is after the PSU cutting 40V DC at 19A which is used as shutter. In order to control brightness i have ordered a PWM Dimmer  which i want to control using hardware pwm on GPIO18.

Is this possible?
If already implemented how do i control or configure it?

If not yet implemented i would love a setting in the machine config for:
LED_Intensity_Default (1-40000)
LED_Intensity_Pin (hw pwm pins ie. 12,18,13,19)

And code to control it like you do with [[GPIOHigh (pin)]] could be [LEDIntensity 40000]

If the setting is usable for projectors as brightness control  illumination might be more suitable then LED as keyword...


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Re: Control UV LED power on PWM

Call external script through [[Syscall ...]]


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