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#1 2019-01-26 07:59:27

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need help understanding configuration fields

First I have a phrozen printer.....

I am using a very fast sensitive but also viscous resin.

what I want to do is have some settle delay after i put the platform into position but before I start to cure the image

Logically to me this would be he field called 'Wait Before Print'

So far so good, however what seems to happen is that the 'shutter opens' which is to say the curing light comes on
then the 'Wait Before Print' delay counts down, then the image is displayed.  The result however is that if the settle time is long like 8 seconds then there is light bleed through the LCD resulting in resin starting to cure all over the platform,

what I would like to do is have almost the opposite....I want the frame displayed on the lcd but have the light come on and go off for the cure time.....more like say a camera would work...the shutter controls the cure time not the image display.....maybe that would confuse things for the DLP or Laser people however....

So how can I get the 'shutter open' which means the light goes on to occur after the 'Wait Before Print' delay or some other settling time delay occurs?



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Re: need help understanding configuration fields

Remove shutter and wait before print commands, try rearrange them on before and after layer gcode boxes. I guess you can get close to what you want to achieve this way.


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