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#1 2019-01-24 22:27:33

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move button to different install of NanoDLP

Before I owned a Phrozen printer I used my nanodlp with a different machine.
I made some custom button and profiles that came in handy for certain applications.
Phrozen seems to have decided that in their printers they would remove certain nano features
One of those was custom buttons.

I am wondering if I could create the button on a standard release copy of nano and then somehow
copy some files or directory to add them to the version of nano running inside the Phrozen machine.
I know they don't make it easy but I think I know how to ssh into the OS on my Phrozen machine.

Just to say it, I wish Phrozen would update from the regular and constantly improving nano code,
or allow me to keep my Phrozen machine and screen running but allow me to use a standard release version,
or that there be some way to easily drive the Phrozen machine from another external pi running nano.

so for now, anyway to move buttons so that they will appear on my Phrozen custom version of nanodlp?

I love the flexibility of nanoDLP,
Thank-you for such a great piece of software.


#2 2019-01-25 06:06:35

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Re: move button to different install of NanoDLP

Just replace static resources on your installation.


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