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Are Custom Buttons Working Correctly on Windows?

Hi there.

Wonderful forum. Wonderful bit of software.

Unfortunately. I'm going a bit against the grain and using a windows edition of NanoDLP and using a patched GRBL .9. (The latest release of both of these are being used off the main site)

I'm having a problem getting buttons to work.

I'm trying to setup a button to be available "Any time" using gcode "G0 Z0" just as a test to figure buttons out before I put in more complicated buttons. I'm asking it to put the button in the Z-Movement page.

When I hit submit. Once I navigate to the Z movement page. I don't see a button.

I don't see a button on any of the pages. I even tried to setup buttons on other pages without any success.

Am I doing something wrong? Help would be very awesome!




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