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#1 2019-01-11 15:01:38

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backup after failed nanodlp update

I recently had a update fail and cannot access the nanodlp interface now. I've tried to ssh into the pi and running "sudo ./printer" but nothing happens after running that command.

I've decided to backup the important files and do a reinstall. I've copied the ~/printer folder over to my local computer via sftp and want to check that this includes everything before reinstalling.

These are the files I would like to backup:

- resin profiles (~/printer/db/profiles.json)
- printer settings (~/printer/db/machine.json)
- mask (~/printer/public/plates/mask.png)
- previous prints / sliced images (~/printer/public/plates)

Are there other important files that I'm missing, especially if they are outside the ~/printer folder?
What is the best way to move the settings over once I've reinstalled?


#2 2019-01-11 18:49:11

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Re: backup after failed nanodlp update

Backup all /printer/db/ folder other folders are correct.

What error sudo ./printer throws?


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