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#1 2019-01-06 14:56:10

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new setup new problems - [[WaitForDoneMessage]] is stuck

hey there
so I changed my my motors from cheap nema17 + DRBV drivers (RPI + RAMPS1.4)

to CoolMuscle Reliance motor with driver and closed loop inside the motor + (RPI + RAMPS 1.4)

the big difference is that I don't use the DRBV driver now(took it out) and instead im connecting the new motor straight to 24V power supply + connecting the motor to the STEP, DIR and GROUND connections on the ramps(where the drbv driver used to be)

whats happening is im starting a print job, and when it hits in the GCODE Before each layer the command: [[WaitForDoneMessage]] it get stuck

seems like the done message never come back, maybe because the driver is unplugged....

any ideas?

10q very much for your great platform smile


#2 2019-01-07 21:04:13

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Re: new setup new problems - [[WaitForDoneMessage]] is stuck

Use patched RAMPS firmware


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