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Custom Index Page and Administrator Page

Hello Friends,

I want to ask forum community something. We can edit index page of nanodlp from "/home/pi/printer/templates/index.html" but we cant access "http://raspi ip/index.html" through browser.
I want to create a copy of "index.html" as an "administrator.html" then delete machine settings, resin settings etc from "index.html".

In short, i want to deny access to settings pages except me.
I tried to read all of html codes to understand the connection between "http://raspi ip/setup" and "/home/pi/printer/templates/setup/setup.html", /tools and tools.html, /z-calibration and z-calibration.html etc.
"http://raspi ip/setup.html" is not work but "http://raspi ip/setup" is connected to setup.html

Is it possible Shahin?

Best Regards

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Re: Custom Index Page and Administrator Page

No, it is not possible as they are not static pages, template files being processed by hardcoded controllers through hardcoded routes


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