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#1 2018-11-23 04:34:37

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Phrozen Shuffle and NanoDLP

I know the Phrozen printers use a version of nanoDLP but I don't see many Phrozen users posting here....
Maybe they just don't know, or have very few issues.

My question is can I update the shuffleXL with the latest nanoDLP versions?
If so will it just work or do I need to do something special?
How much is it customized in the printer?  I would expect it is just interface code and it would be retained in an upgrade?

I would probably duplicate the card first so I could return to factory if something failed but
I'd like to know if it should work before I go to the trouble?

Maybe Phrozen keeps the nanoDLP software up-to-date already?

I like to keep my nanoDLP up-to-date on all my machines since it just gets better and better...:)


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#2 2018-12-01 20:23:04

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Re: Phrozen Shuffle and NanoDLP

Yes it is only contain small ui changes, but update does not retain customization as this distro is not official release from nanodlp


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