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Could it be run on Windows / Linux desktop?
Yes, it is possible to compile nanoDLP to run on those OS/Hardware architectures but some major parts such as image display module need rewrite which currently is not the priority.

Can I regain access to the main terminal?
Sure, go to setup/tools page and press terminal program.

Is it working with Trinamics drivers?
nanoDLP supports binary communication which could be used to connect directly to those drivers.

Why stepper motor makes strange sounds when it’s driven directly with nanoDLP?
It is a known issue with any non-realtime OS hosting software. Uneven steps in high speed movements makes the sounds. It does not affect the print results in SLA printers.

How I should upgrade my nanoDLP version?
nanoDLP already have built-in upgrade function which will be activated when you click on new version available text on the top of the screen.
To upgrade manually redo the installation procedure, and it will upgrade your version without any problem.

Can I remove nanoDLP without formatting my SD card?
Yes, you just need to remove nanodlp reference from /etc/rc.local file.

Is it compatible with older Raspberry Pis?
No, it was used to be but as many advanced features has been added to the program, older Raspberries are too slow to run it.

Is there any advantage to use nanoDLP instead of —-?
Check out this post

Is it possible to take backup settings?
You can always take backup by coping /home/pi/printer/db/ folder.

Do upgrade process overwrite my config and plate files?

How to kill the nanoDLP process from the terminal?
From nanodlp itself, setup page, tools tab, you can terminate program by pressing terminate button.
From SSH, execute following command "sudo killall printer" will terminate nanodlp.

Is there any way to not boot into nanoDLP when the system boots?
You have three seconds at the end of boot procedure to prevent nanodlp being execute by pressing any key on your keyboard.

To remove nanodlp from boot completely, comment following line on /etc/rc.local file by putting # at the start of the line.
/bin/bash /home/pi/printer/config/
#/bin/bash /home/pi/printer/config/


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FYI - if you want closer to real time performance, if you're not doing it already, look at man 3 sched_setscheduler, and set it to SCHED_RR or SCHED_FIFO (I like SCHED_RR) and set sched_priority to the value returned by sched_get_priority_min. Also make sure CONFIG_PREEMPT is set in the kernel config (fully preemptible low-latency kernel). That's the best I've found.

If you do this already, then ignore me. :-)

Also, the link is broken in the "is there any advantage to use" in the above FAQ.


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To install NANODLP, for Raspberry.
In the SD must be Raspbian and add NANO or only  add NANODLP.
Thanks for your answer.


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