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Machine Setting Files

NameTypeDirectionRequirementsCommentAuthorDownload URL
Muve3D RAMPS (Patched Marlin) Bottom-Up Muve3D Hardware - Muve3D URL
Microlay DentalFab RAMPS (Patched Marlin) Bottom-Up Microlay DentalFab - Microlay URL
NanoDLP Generic Direct Control Bottom-Up End Switch at Top - NanoDLP URL
Proniks KLD2150 RAMPS (Sprinter) Bottom-Up Proniks KLD2150 - Andrea URL
Wanhao D7 RAMPS (Unofficial Patched Firmware) Bottom-Up Wanhao D7 - Brian LaPolt URL


MachineResinX/Y ResolutionTank FloorDownload URL
Muve3D SubSF Red 50 URL
Muve3D SubSF Red 75 URL
Muve3D SubSF Red 100 URL
Microlay DentalFab Shera Print_cb 50 URL
Microlay DentalFab Shera Print_model 75 URL
Generic Direct Control MCAST 65 PDMS (Sylgard) URL
Generic Direct Control MCAST 80 PDMS (Sylgard) URL
Wanhao D7 FTD Gray 65 URL
Proniks KLD2150 Generic 74 URL

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