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NanoDLP Compatible 3D Printers.

We are so glad that many of SLA 3D printer users, pros or newbies, have installed nanoDLP and successfully tested many of its features and functionalities regarding their needs and profession.

NanoDLP could be configured to drive majority of SLA/DLP 3D printers in market.

To make it easier for you to see if your already purchased printer or the printer that you are planning to purchase is compatible and supported by nanoDLP, we have listed the officially supported 3D printers:

Phrozen 3D

The printer was officially released for the first time in a Kickstarter campaign on April 25, 2017 with two of the newest Phrozen 3D printers.

Supported Printers:
  • Phrozen Make
  • Phrozen Make XL


To prove the reliability, accuracy and affordability of nanoDLP in Medical and Dental technologies as well as other technologies, this printer was released with nanoDLP in September, 2016 as:
“Microlay DentalFab® is the first spanish 3D printer designed specifically to meet the needs of both dental labs and clinics.”

Supported Printers:
  • Microlay DentalFab


Released for the first time on on August, 2016 with SOLIDRAY 2 which is their only nanoDLP compatible printer and an improved version of an earlier launched SLA DLP printer of theirs, SOLIDRAY.

Supported Printers:


mUVe 3D was the first ever 3D printer maker that officially announced releasing their next generation of printers with nanoDLP on on January 10, 2016.

Supported Printers:
  • Maker X
  • DLP ULTIPro+
  • DLP Pro
  • DLP Pro+