Hardware and Wirings

You can use NanoDLP in two totally different ways, 3rd party boards and direct control.


RAMPS board are Arduino based 3D printers control board.

  • Use patched version of Marlin or GRBL firmwares.
  • Connect Raspberry (NanoDLP) and Arduino using USB cable.
  • Checkout your RAMPS guide for wiring
  • Using RAMPS board has following advantages
    • Faster movement speed
    • Even steps

Some devices such as Trinamics provide same advantages as RAMPS board but making them works with NanoDLP require more effort.

Direct Control

You would not need any external hardware, everything being controlled by Raspberry/NanoDLP.

  • For the hardware wiring, we suggest following hardware schematic and pcb design.
  • To print pcb board you can use source files.
  • To drive stepper motor you need stepper motor driver.
  • Using direct control has following advantages and disadvantages
    • Less hardware, higher reliablity
    • Some of the features are designed for direct control
    • Jitter and lower movement speed
Direct Control