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Slicing 3D Objects

SLA Slicer Software For 3D Printers

3D Printer SLA slicer software for LCD / DLP 3D printers is one of the most important aspects of SLA 3D printing because it affects both quality and success of the prints. What is the slicing software? The process which converts 3D objects to specific data for printing is called 3D printer slicing. The program […]

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NanoDLP Controller Board Released

With the new board you can easily upgrade your existing 3D printer with help of NanoDLP or make new 3D printers. It is easy to use and help you use many advanced NanoDLP features.

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Monochrome 3D Printing

Monochrome LCD Screens for 3D Printers

It is a masking screen (Monochrome) which nowadays has been widely used in the resin printing industry. But why? Printer Frankly, there are dozens of reasons which are appurtenant to the printer itself. By using Monochrome LCD screens, a printer can use much less energy than the normal RGB ones although there is no need […]

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NanoSupport v37.8.0 Released

Changes and new features on this release includes: New auto-support algorithm Handle to hide/show left tools Optimize signal emission to update guide helper arrows Highlight on hover Various UI fixes like positions Fix UI input at launch Fix Lowest density Fine tuning auto-support To download it use visit NanoSupport Download page.

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Multi Cure

What is the 3D Multicure feature?

If you do not want to waste your time printing the same object over and over again to get perfect print, try this new feature which available on the latest beta. Using the new feature you can choose multiple cure times for the same object during plate upload and with single print you can get […]

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3D Printer 3D Anti Aliasing

NanoDLP 3D Anti-Aliasing Support

It is a technique to smooth those lines which look like the stair steps. Applying this effect will attenuate the lineament of jaggies. What is/are the reason(s) to use it? Jagged edges occur due to undersampling. The cause of undersampling is because of having low resolution of the printer or loss of information in the […]

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Erode Delite Effect

What is the Erode and Dilate?

They reduce or expand the volume of an object by scaling the coordinates. Why use Erode and Dilate? Sometimes when printing without a raft, you may notice about the elephant’s foot, which means the first layer is slightly larger than the rest due to higher cure time. While printing objects for practical applications, it can […]

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3D Printer Barrel Distortion Correction

What is the Lens Barrel Factor?

It is defined to fix the barrel factor which is caused by a DLP projector lens. What is/are the reason(s) to use it? By modifying the number, you can fix the lens distortion. You can find more about the lens distortion here.

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Pixel Dimming

What is the Pixel Dimming?

Pixel Dimming ensure the highest print quality along with an easy setup experience. This feature would have following effects by dimming the pixels: Prevents over-cure Preserves details Makes it possible to use one profile/cure time for different pieces with different thicknesses Increases the PDMS life time What is/are the reason(s) to use it? Pixel Dimming […]

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