Web Browser Based SLA 3D Printer Slicer

NanoDLP slicer ported to web browsers (Using WebAssembly) and integrated into NanoDLP interface. NanoDLP slicer is capable of processing STL and OBJ files and prepare output for SLA 3D printers including NanoDLP controller and many others.

It include many advanced feature such as

Using the new feature you can use your computer resources to slice 3D files instead of relying on Raspberry Pi.

Browser Based Slicer

If your computer produced in recent years with mid to high level processor, you would get much better performance on web browser slicer than relying on Raspberry Pi.

NanoDLP supported output formats are

  • nanodlp
  • nslice
  • cbddlp
  • ctb
  • fdg
  • cws
  • lgs
  • phz
  • sl1
  • pws
  • pw0
  • zcodex
  • photon

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Browser Based Slicer

Web Browser Based SLA 3D Printer Slicer

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NanoDLP Documentation

NanoDLP Documentation Launched

NanoDLP documentation contains both get started guides for novice users and also more advanced guides for expert users.

Hope you become one of the contributors to the new docs.nanodlp.com.

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Next Generation NanoSupport

New NanoSupport with completely new user interface and many new features including advanced auto support algorithm has been released.

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