NanoDLP Analytic Dashboard

A major blind spot on resin 3D printing is lack of measurement tools for 3D manufacturers, resin producers and 3D printing enthusiasts. The new tool available to monitor both internal data and external sensors. It make it easy to correlate data from multiple sources.

NanoDLP Analytic Dashboard

Internal Data Sources

Currently possible to see realtime flow of data from current sources:

  • Slicer data – Solid Area, Area Count, Largest Area
  • Current layer information: Cure time, Speed and etc

External Sources

It include many sensors that could be read such as:

  • Moister
  • Resin Level
  • Driver Amper
  • Light Intensity
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

Currently common sensors and platforms already tested

  • HX711
  • OpenScale
  • Serial Device Reading (Comma Separated)


Currently available features are:

  • It read values both during idle and printing time. Many KPIs only available during printing.
  • Both realtime monitoring and long term KPI visualization available
  • Ability to reset collected data
  • CSV export

How to Use it?

You can go to setup menu / tools page then click analytic dashboard button. Data collection will start only after visiting this page.

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